About Us

Techitalents Software is a young company based in Bangalore, India’s global IT hub. We say we’re young because we’re people with young, energetic, curious and committed minds who are excited about solving complex business problems, ethically. Conceived with a vision to leave behind a legacy of transformed peoples as an organization, we place a high emphasis on working in partnership with customers.

We change to match you needs as we say we very well understand the consequences of this and we actually do this to satisfy our client needs Our professionals take the time to understand your business needs, suggest reengineering processes and develop appropriate, cost effective solutions.

  • Our experience
  • Our Ethics
  • Our Difference
  • Our Team
  • Our experience

    Our experience has taught us that to provide any solutions; we need creativity and lots of inspired thinking, our experienced professionals along with the ‘let-us-do-it’ attitude of the fresh talent is constantly pushing the horizons Our values of Integrity, Service, Candor, Kindness, Growth and Continually Increasing Competence govern our behavior towards all our stakeholders.

  • Our Ethics

    At Techtalent Software we believe when creativity, technology and marketing combine through strategic planning incredible results are achievable. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and businessg rowth.

  • Our Difference

    We view clients as partners, and our success is only measured by the success of our partners. So we put it all on the table in order to exceed expectations. We know each new project i s a gamble, but there is no one we’d rather bet on than ourselves . At Techtalent Software, our culture matters . And it reflects in our work . Here, jobs are careers , not just a way to pay the bills . The finished product matters to us because it carries our name. Our staffies young , ener getic and innovative, and we ' re never afraid to take risks in anef for to help our clients . Every member of our team is passionate about the programming , web as a communications medium a s well as a marketplace. For every pro ject , no matter how large or how small, west riverton to only meet your needs , but deliver a showcase in your field.

  • Our Team

    We at Techtalent Software employs the best talent in the industry . With the objective to provide innovative software development and web development services , we have the right mix of experienced resources a s well as fresh minds that bring a fresh approach to the table. Keeping in mind the various sectors of the industry that we cater to, we employ highly skilled web designers, software engineers , programmers and business developers.
    At Techtalent Software, we believe that our resources are the building blocks of our organization and they represent the face of our organization. That is primarily the reason we stress upon employing the best minds . Every interaction that the customers have with our skilled resources , they can have unique different experiences that we bring on - board . All our resources and team members are committed t o the overall growth and development and strive towards achieving this goal.

Key People

Dilip kr. Singh


19+ years of experience in Information Systems Management. He has consistently grown across the hierarchy and successfully delivered at senior level positions with leading organizations; demonstrated stability and consistent delivery across assignments. He has good knowledge of Agile – SCRUM, TDD & CI. He is highly experienced in cloud computing and cloud infra management.


Director and Account Manager

20+ years of experience in the IT industry. Gopi oversees all our client engagements of enterprise software development, web business solutions and integration.

Vignesh Raj

Director, Solution Architect

5 + years of Technology leadership experience in improvement-based technical project management and business analysis. Demonstrated mastery in facilitating evaluation of requirements for business application integration and service activation

Chirag Parmar

Advisory Board member

Innovation and product development 20+ years of experience in leading product and innovation teams across various platforms in Travel ,Fleet Management, e-Commerce and Health care

Suresh Vankar


20+ years of experience in people management and project deliveries in across industries

Sudhansu Mishra

Manager- R&D

15+ years of experience in creative designing ,User Experience and customer services

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