Web and Mobile App
Development Services

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Java / J2EE
  • BI & Data Analytics
  • Front End Development
  • Microsoft .NET

    C#, ASP .NET, .NET Core,
    MVC Architecture, Entity Framework, Win Forms,
    RDLC Reporting, Microsoft Queuing services, Webservices, WCF Services,
    REST API, WPF Services, WWF Services

  • Mobile Apps

    Android, iOS
    React Native, Flutter

  • Software Quality Assurance

    Automated Testing – Selenium
    Manual Testing – Quality Centre

  • Java / J2EE

    Spring MVC
    Struts 2
    Spring Boot

  • BI & Data Analytics

    Real time processing – Kafka, Strom, Spark Streaming
    Enterprise Search – Solr, Elasticsearch
    Analytics – R, Pyspark, Pentaho, Jaspersoft
    Visualization – Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview
    Algorithms - Neural Networks, Machine Learning
    Project Management Tool - Jira, Azure Devops

  • Front End Development

    Ruby On Rails
    Vue JS
    Node JS
    React JS
    HTML 5

High Reliability

We use the latest in software/hardware technology and have a well-organized logistics structure that makes it possible to effectively harness the skills of our developers.

Moderate Prices

We offer effective solutions at very competitive prices. We keep our development costs in-check, and pass over the savings to our customers.


High Support and Service

We provide service and support, we will be able to offer our customers virtually 24 hours customer support.

Speedy project implementation

Due to our strong creative resource we can form a large workgroup, customize and implement your project in an extremely short time interval

Managed Services


Scrum allows us to invest more on real development with clients in loop at all development stages . By employing Scrum practices with proper communication channels and tools , you will get hired productivity , improved quality , increased satisfaction , better ROI and all t h e s e at lower cost .


DevOps is a natural choice for aligning development and operations teams for improved code quality , quicker integration and faster deliveries . DevOps removes bottlenecks in software development , ensuring high quality results are delivered on a timely basis .

Quality Assurance

We use Scrum and DevOps to manage software projects and make timely deliveries meeting Acceptance criteria. With this work approach , User stories and Acceptance Criteria are crucial in pegging Quality as an underlying feature.


Trust and credibility is part of our core work culture . IP protection is our number 1 priority. To maintain this we restrict unauthorized access to the workplace , ensure controlled access to source code with its continuous backup in a different location .

Center of Excellence

Our center of excellence includes technology and domain experts who would improve the quality and speed of development by assisting developers in integrations , APIs and day to day development.

Management Support

The aim of our managed service steam is to provide you with peace of mind . Our designated account managers act as a single point of contact for all administration related issues ( leave approvals , holiday schedule etc. ) .The managers are responsible for providing quick resolutions to escalation so any kind and will help you in meeting any additional resources requirement.

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